Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Great Finger Nail Polish

Yeah, no t-shirts this week!

My husband is mortified that I mentioned dumpster diving and actually I'm very new to it- motivated by the amazing creative people on the web that take a throw away and make something lovely. I have found three things that I really wanted- a real wood dresser, a Texas style smoker/grill, and two matching dressers- but I didn't do the actual diving because I didn't have anything to haul them in- and they were so cool!

A quick product review- love my elf nail polish. You can buy it online or at Target. I have a pale pink, number 71029, named light pink, (looks more like the new version of fair pink) that is great! I use one coat and it goes on clear with just a hint of pink that makes my nails look really healthy and pretty. It stays on wonderfully and only costs $1.00. Love it.

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1 comment:

Rissa said...

I guess you'll have to get a truck and give me the car. :-)

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