Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Easy Velcro Belt for School Uniforms

My little guy is required to wear a uniform to school each day and his uniform includes a mandatory belt. Sadly, he can't seem to be able to get his belt off when he is in a hurry. Not fun for him! Not fun for me!

Out of necessity I whipped up this little Velcro number.

I grabbed a yard of this belt stuff from the fabric store- it is usually right by the buckles. Used some old Velcro I had ripped out of something and saved. Adjusted the length of the belt to his waistline and just sewed on the Velcro. If your school requires a buckle- just sew one in place- not functioning- just there- so that your little one can use their easy peasy belt.

My heart did a happy dance when he jumped out of the car for school this morning and the teacher noticed his belt- he had a huge smile on his face! Don't you just love it when you receive a "good mommy" pat on the back?!

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1 comment:

Rissa said...

Good for you. I didn't think about him in a uniform.

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