Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What I Use It For

I know many people store their addresses electronically but since I am somewhat technically challenged that could be risky for me. You know, hit one wrong button and ten hours of typing is sucked into a cyberspace black hole! Instead, I have a handy dandy recipe box- it's my address "book".

I write my friends' names, addresses and phone numbers on a 3x5 card and file them alphabetically with the letter tabs you can get at any office supply store. Then if someone moves I just flip the card over and write the new address on the back- if they move again they get a new card.

It's easy to trash old cards from those I have lost contact with- the ones that moved across town and figuratively speaking dropped off the edge of the earth.

The recipe box method stays much neater then the traditional address book- all scribbled in and pages erased until the paper is worn thin, etc. Just a tip:0)

The cute box pictured and the alphabet cards can be found at Amazon.

10/24/2009- This idea is just like the old roladex office address thingies-I guess sometimes I prefer the old over the new ;o)

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1 comment:

Rissa said...

Istarted making one of those last week. I just need the actual box.

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