Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Twig Tree

I may be the last one to make one of these, but here is my version of the twig tree.

After beating the pine tree out front with a broom handle (Don't feel bad for the tree- it retaliated by showering me with sappy dusty tree bits)! I gathered up a few branches. My tree must be genetically challenged because it didn't provide me with anything perfectly symmetrical!

Anyways, I had to duct tape together three sticks and it still is lopsided- but don't look at that. Instead of using generic black I spray painted mine with Krylon's oil rubbed bronze metallic paint- I really like how that looks! Then I used a package of small pumpkins from Hobby Lobby ($2) and these left over charms from last years project and stuck them in a thrift store vase that I painted black.

I finished it off with dollar tree ribbon. So, for three dollars and some leftovers I have my twig tree.

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Rissa said...

I love it. What room did you put it in. I still have my neckles with me from last year. I think I will wear it today.

Tressa said...

I used that exact same paint to redo my nasty ugly frame. And then I put a photo of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple that Mindy took. It is absolutely amazing! Love it!

Mindy said...

This turned out so neat! I have a friend Jill who is super craft too. You would probably really like her blog. You can find it from my old blogger blogroll. She just made a witch sign. I thought of how you might like to make it when I saw it :)

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