Thursday, October 29, 2009

Recent Thrifting

A few weeks ago dear hubby made a special call to let me know about the upcoming Texas Size Yard Sale-Yes, yes, yes! Last year I missed it. I was traumatized.
This sale is held in a building about the size of WalMart and the prices are incredible. Everything is donated and the proceeds go to fund meals on wheels (a charity that takes meals to home bound folks).

I was hoping for a serger and since I was the second person in line (yes, I was there 2 HOURS early). I was the first one into the sewing area. But alas, they did not have one this year... I still came home with a few deals though. A juicer for $3 that we have tested on carrots and it works! An American Harvest Food Dehydrator (new for about $140). My cost: $5. These are great for making jerky in! And the big winner- because we really needed it: A gas edger- for our lawn- new about $200. My cost: $40. Our yard has never looked so good!

Can't wait 'til next year!

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1 comment:

Letia said...

That sounds like a FUN yard sale. You got some great quality stuff. I really missed yard sales this summer, I only managed to hit a few :(

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