Friday, February 19, 2010

For Today's Nap

I think for today's nap I'll lounge about here-

I wish!  I found this inspirational website -Cabbage and Roses- through Chez Fifi.  It has a definite Cath Kidston feel- love it! 

I especially love the comfy but feminine clothes....

All the better to drool over- no shopping from this shop for me-these English gems are outrageously expensive....  does anyone know of a cheaper version????

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1 comment:

Rissa said...

I think you sould make the cheaper version and sell them. I get complamenets on the stuff you make me all the time. You know the bag you made me with all the pockets, people as me where I got it so they can go buy one regularly. See you should sell them.

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