Thursday, February 25, 2010

Roses On a Headband

My daughter asked for a headband with small roses- not the big chunky (but cute) ones found at places like Anthroplogie.  Here is our version (and there are several versions out there in web land). 

I purchased a headband at Target (2 for $4).  I used some light weight, cream remnant fabric.  There isn't really a pattern.  I just cut a strip of fabric about four inches wide. 

Then I rolled up the material until it was about 1 inch wide- started at one end and rolled the fabric up like a cinnamon roll- and I took stitches on the bottom holding everything in place as I went.  When the rose was the size I wanted I cut off the extra material, folded the ends under and stitched them in place. To finish just hot glue the roses onto the headband....

2/26/10  Since those directions were as clear as mud I thought I'd add a picture. 

Sorry to add to this post again- but I found a place where you can buy a similar finished headband (if you don't want to make one)- here at love stitched.

Another way you can make these is to wad up your knee high nylons- hah!

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Maridith said...

Great tutorial!! I thought it was very clear. My daughter loves those headbands. I think I am going to give this a try!! Thanks for the inspiration.

Have a great day!

Maridith said...

One quick long was each piece of material? It looks like 12"

J. Paige said...

Oh, I'm glad you like it. I didn't really measure. I started out with a piece about 12" long and then as I twisted I watched how big the rose was getting. When it was the size I wanted I cut the extra material off, folded the raw edges under and stitched them in place. The small roses probably only took about six inches--- good luck!

Tausha said...

I love this, They are perfect for my 10 year old. So girly and soft. Perfect. I think that the tutorial was very un-muddy. Very excited to try this one. Thanks again. Please, if you can, stop by sometime and say hello

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