Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thrifted Candlesticks & a Distraction

Well, I learned that when you teach twelve little girls how to embroider you should have the needles pre-threaded and ready to go!!  My hands were shaking (I was diagnosed with essential tremor disorder last year- but I still think it is just a side effect to my other medications). Anyhow, it was taking me forever to thread each needle.  Luckily I had an eight year old that was proficient at cross stitch and needle threading. She ran around helping everyone.  Wow, was I grateful!!!  Other then that delay the embroidery project was a big hit.

I haven't finished my projects because I spent yesterday running around town with this little guy- my grandson and his parents are in town and it's wonderful!!  Way more fun then crafting.  Actually I still had time to craft I just wasn't in the mood...

Here is a quick shot of some thrifted candlesticks.  One was found at the Salvation Army (needing a paint job), one at a yard sale and one on Clearance at Hobby Lobby.  That is where I found the "Christmas" bead garland on sale for half off as well.

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1 comment:

InnovativeMom said...

Oh these are super cute! I am on the hunt right now for some cheap brass candle sticks to spray paint!!!! They look great with the garland!!!

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