Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Case of the Crafter's Curse

Do you know if garlic wards off evil crafting curses?  If so, I'm going to smell like spaghetti sauce!  I don't know what the deal is but just about every project I've touched in the last month has been a depressing failure- seriously, can I spit now?!   I know a temper tantrum won't help- but then again maybe it will-- screaming and stamping my feet now.  so, I'll calmly share my crafting woes and try again another day.

First I made the horrific looking dress shown below- I mean, on it looks even worse!!!!

Then I made curtains for my sons room.  Now, I know you always pre-wash your fabric- but I don't because I like working with it while the sizing is still in... but I paid for it this time.  While attaching the cool looking eyelets the curtain became soiled.  I tossed it in the wash only to have the dryer burp it out 12" too short.  I know I can add something to fix it- but it would be nice if something went as planned!

I purchased the cute purple fabric the same time I purchased the moo-moo dress material.   In an effort to complete projects that I have purchased the materials for I made a skirt.  When completed I gagged and then I cut off the tacky looking waistband and picked out the rumpled looking hem.... and I don't even know how to fix this one.

Today, I thought I'd leave the sewing arena behind and try some decorating.  I bought a mirror and painted the frame.  I spray painted the bright brass picture holder (yard sale find) with ORB.    Placed it in the previously selected spot and ta-dah--- plop.  It was too short and won't work at all for the intended use.... I can't return said mirror because the frame is painted.... are you weeping with me yet?!

I know in the eternal scheme of things this isn't worth batting an eye- but I am so ready for some success- any tiny, little minuscule bit of success.... where's the garlic?

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David and Amber said...

You were successful at getting Brody to smile today. He loves you. And you even shared a walk with him outside. He feels loved. That is huge to the both us..Emmm.
I hope soemthing turns out. (0:

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