Monday, May 17, 2010

Making Dinosaur Wall Art

I found some 7"x7" canvas wall hangings at Dollar Tree.  They had flowers and birds printed on them.    That style didn't really go with Jr.'s theme ;o) So I changed them up a bit.  You can use blank canvas- it's just more expensive.

To make these dinosaur wall hangings you just select a base color and paint them.  I wanted a textured-kinda-rough look.  So I used several layers of paint.  I mixed different amounts of brown with the red paint to get slightly different colors.  I left some places "messed up" on purpose. 

Find free dinosaur patterns on online coloring pages or search google images- dinosaur silhouettes.  Trace and cut out your dinosaur patterns from scrapbook paper and mod podge them onto the canvas.

I learned that the lighter colored papers with simple, smaller prints looked the best.  It's really quite simple!

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David and Amber said...

Oh you've blogged such fun things. I love stories. I'm glad you shared your love with me. Jr's room looks great. I love how cost effective and cute it turned out!! Ohh I saw your moo moo material on a person the other day. It was made as a dress and she looked cute. I'll have to tell you about it. (0:

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