Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Make a VERY SIMPLE bed

This is my first attempt at woodworking (I mean using the saws and everything).  My husband was the teacher extraordinaire.  He stood by and told be what to do for each step.  He helped some too.  This is the simplest bed ever.  We just used a 4 inch post- cut it to the height we wanted and  ran a board between the posts.  As you can see we used a basic bed frame to hold it all together. 

My husband made the cool cream colored trundle bed a few years ago- it's just a piece of plywood with a two inch piece of wood around the edges-and good quality wheels underneath.  A trundle bed like this is a super simple- but oh- so functional- piece of furniture. If you don't need the extra bed just leave off the mattress and use the board as a Lego or train table.

I debated about making the new bed higher so that it could be a "hide out"- and sure enough, about the first thing my 5 yr. old son said was, "why didn't you make it higher so I could play under there?"  Live and learn.

5/12/10 - I forgot to mention that I am thinking about adding a wall mounted headboard- another simple project!

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