Thursday, May 13, 2010

Make a swimsuit modest

I'm tall so finding modest swimsuits can be discouraging and expensive.  When I found a miracle suit at Ross for $13 that matched the swim shorts  I already own I snatched it up- downside: it had a plunging neckline.  That turned out to be an easy fix.  I just purchased 1/4 yard of  coordinating swimsuit fabric at Hancocks (they had stuff that matched better- but I just grabbed some).  Cut a piece that looks to be about the right size- with right sides out fold it in half so there will be a smooth edge. 

Then pin the added piece in place (I added almost 5 inches) and top stitch in place using a ball point needle, normal thread and a long straight stitch. 

I also used some tear away paper underneath to keep the suit moving through the machine and to eliminate pulls and snags.  After sewing in place carefully trim away excess fabric.

 It took about ten minutes and now I can play in the pool with the kids and not have to worry about flashing everyone!

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1 comment:

Rissa said...

Good job! Way to keep your standards high!

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