Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Blog Break to Plan Big Wedding

Wow, well, my trip to Dallas wasn't as productive as I was hoping.  The salvage store I wanted to go to had gone out of business.  The thrifts stores were either too busy with 15 people in a check out line or the prices were a bit high.  I did find a perfect JCrew t-shirt and some large tin planters- and I just may be using those for my daughter's wedding-

Yep,  she decided to marry her best friend in a month!  So, I KNOW all you mother of the brides will understand that I will be taking a prolonged blogging break.... but I should be back the first part of August with some pretty, budget friendly ideas for a garden wedding reception..... wish me luck!

Here are some of our multi-colored inspiration photos....

I looked through etsy, martha stewart and these links:
project wedding
idiy weddings
once wed
intimate weddings

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David and Amber said...

I love so many of these ideas. I kept thinking oh ohh ohh I like this and than again and again. I love the silk rose boquete (sp)and thsoe little bride and groom birds. I love weddings. I wouldn't mind planning another one for my self again. Of course you did all the hard work so maybe Clarissa's will fix that itch. (0:

Tressa said...

If you need any help just let me know. :)

Letia said...

I bet you will make it so beautiful! You are so talented and creative.

Where's the reception going to be?

J. Paige said...

we are hoping to have the reception in mom and dad's backyard- they won't be able to be there but their rent is paid through the 23 -so they are checking to make sure it is ok- we will probably be asking for all kinds of help and ideas- thanks for your support! - Jana

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