Monday, June 7, 2010

Child's Art Display Chain

I saw an idea similar to this where victorian postcards and lacey hearts were displayed on chain stretched over a headboard.  I saved it twice so that I could link to it and OF COURSE the link and pictures have mysteriously vanished.  I think there is a link monster eating files in my computer :o)

Anyhoo, my version ended up as an industrial looking art display project for Junior's room. 

I'm sure there are several ways to accomplish this.  The way I did it was to purchase:

  • lightweight chain from a hardware store (like Lowes).  Choose your weight and your length. 
  • badge clips in the jewelry section of Hobby Lobby
  •  medium weight (easy to bend) silver wire (jewelry or hardware departments)
 Now, decide how far apart you want your art to hang.  I counted off every 20 links- or something like that.  Next, wrap wire through the opening on the badge clip and twist it into the chain, making a hanger.  I used pliers to bend the badge clip "attachers" over the wire- thus making it hang down correctly. 

It would be easier to tie the clips on using jute, or garbage bag twisties, or yarn, or string or ribbon- whatever look you are going for.  I'm kinda liking the industrial wire look....  and it keeps the clips from wandering around the house getting stepped on and lost- you know how things that aren't attached just sprout legs and hit the road.

I'd suggest hanging your Picasso's  art display chain low so that he can manage his own art display.

6/8/10  Variations:  You could also hang: the letters in your child's name, baseball hats, sports pennants, small stuffed animals, doll clothes, family photos (color or black and white), favorite quotes, or love notes- have fun!!

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David and Amber said...

Cute. I haven't seen this yet.

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