Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Craft Projects: Art Supplies for Kids

I've been thinking about some fun projects to do with the kids this summer.  I also want sometimes when I can just hand over art supplies and see what they come up with.

We invested in some high quality colored pencils at Christmas and both kids love them.  They especially like the flesh colored pencils.  However, finding a decent pencil sharpener has been less then successful!  And who wants to use a dull, can-only-color-on-one-side-because-the-pencil-wood-is-ripping-the-paper-on-the-other-side pencil?!! 

Well, happy day, Angry Chicken posted about pencil sharpeners and I went online and bought two immediately!  I followed a comment suggestion and found the kind of sharpener Amy loves and has had for twenty years here at MerriArtist

MerriArtist is a fun online art store but you do need a $20 order minimum so check out some of the other cool looking stuff they have like:

      *Chalk Markers, use like chalk looks more like a marker (washes off with water)!

      *Hot cakes Encaustic Wax Paints, I've never heard of anything like this, and you'd have to carefully supervise older children- but these paints look so FUN!

Some kid's creativity supplies that we already have and enjoy:
               Crayola Fabric Markers and Crayons

               Prisma Colored Pencils

               A stapler
               hole punch and three hole punch
               Brads, paper clips (colorful ones are fun)
               Plain Paper (my kid's don't like coloring books- sometimes they  like printing one coloring page 
                         off of the internet)
              Sculpey Clay (they have MANY different kinds now- you can make stretchy toys, erasers, etc.)
              Paint: watercolor, tempra, finger, etc.
             Felt Glue (works 100 times better then regular glue when trying to glue felt together)

             Beads with large holes (for the little crafters).  Junior, age 6, made this for me this week :o)

             Good Scissors for paper, I love my adult scissors by this brand and would like to try these for
                         little guys.
             Good Scissors for fabric

Here's to a summer of crafting!  What products do your kid's enjoy?

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