Thursday, June 3, 2010

Necklace in Blue

I guess I'm on a jewelry kick.  This little number is to match a blue dress I had made.  Yes, in my previous discouragement at several failed sewing attempts I hired a seamstress to make me a dress.  I found the pattern and a cute blue floral material and she did all the hard stuff.  This talented seamstress is reasonably priced and my new dress is now my FAVORITE, (and totally comfy too)!

This piece has some genuine vintage beads from an old broken necklace mixed together with some new stuff.  It was really quick to make.  Just purchase a chain with clasp already on in the jewelry section of Hobby Lobby. Then remove the bottom half of your necklace (I used my needle nosed pliers to pry open the links).  Use beading thread to string your beads adding a jump ring to each end and attach it back to the original necklace chain. 

This piece from jcrew was my inspiration.

Last night we took advantage of the great prices on strawberries and had a strawberry spinach and almond salad.  I didn't like the seeds in the dressing- so, I strained them out before pouring the dressing onto the salad..  Then it was a yummy summer meal.

Speaking of summer, we are scheduled for some unusually HOT weather this weekend.  Yesterday, I stocked up on some interesting looking library books. I intend to read them next to a fan with a cool drink handy.

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