Thursday, October 21, 2010

Best Fabric Flower Tutorials

I'm sure you've noticed the 3000 fabric flower tutorials out there.  I thought I'd share links to a few of my favorites- in a variety of styles.

Made by Lex has a bunch of fashion makeovers to check out- I'm a big fan of her flowers too!

100 Layer Cake has wedding ideas and some pretty flowers too.

Scrap a little has a tutorial for tiny flowers that can be used for babies or to embellish gifts, cards, etc.  You can make just the center rose or add the bow back piece.

Maize Hutton loves the frayed look- and I like it too!

Oh, I really like this variation on the melted edge flower over at Simply Vintage Girl Blog!

Create and Delegate has some cute rolled roses.

Wow- just came across another blog round up over at Little Birdie Secrets- you might want to
check out some of her favorites.


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Becca said...

Thanks! I think this post was just for me. I am starting to make cute bows for my baby girl!

J. Paige said...

Yeah! Show some pictures of what you make- and baby girl when she arrives!

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