Monday, October 18, 2010

Texas Sized Yard Sale

Last Friday was the Texas sized yard sale.  This is a sale that benefits Meals on Wheels.  They gather stuff all year long!  They fill a building that is about half the size of WalMart and the prices are rock bottom!  People come from Oklahoma to shop.  If you want the best deals you get in line at least two hours early (that is where I was- yup, I'm a fanatic).

Sweet hubby took the morning off of work (his job was to load & haul everything).  Son-in-law kindly let us use his truck and we filled it up.

Here are a few of the before pictures -because of course I'll be wanting to mess with the stuff :o) -

Everything below cost $20.

a solid wood sewing table

a rocking recliner to rock the grand baby in

another sewing table with an older- but still working- Kenmore machine inside

A high chair for baby to sit in at Grandma's house

vintage baubles to craft with (cost .30- $2.00)

.....and my favorite thing- a Bernina serger for $50

Wish you'd been here.... here, but not in front of me in line- hah!

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1 comment:

Letia said...

WOW, those are some awesome prices!!! And the bernina!!!! How fun.

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