Monday, October 11, 2010

Japanese Craft Book and Sept. 2010 Cotton Time Magazine

I think the craft books I purchased in Oregon are both in Japanese- but since I don't read any Asian language I can only suppose.  They do have some inspirational photos and most of the patterns are full sized with step by step pictures.

The first book has the English subtitle "My Quilt Days" under the heading.  It is a book that uses quilting and embroidery in purse making. 

The new Cotton Time Magazine had several good ideas. 

I liked the yo-yo lamp and the felt bear (notice the ripples in the tub water- so cute!). 

The fabric to make the small pink purse was included with the magazine...

I may never actually create one of these projects but I enjoy looking at them and thinking about the possibilities.  That is one reason why I enjoy the blogs in blog land.  I am just amazed at the creative projects that women come up with!   

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

my kanji is really bad, but it does look Japanese to me.

my hubby is japanese and oh you would faint at the cool stuff the japanese hundred yen stores have!!! (equivalent to dollar store, here)

our dollar stores have more holiday/ seasonal items but OHHHHHHHHHHH how i love 100 yen stores- everything under the sun and TONS of glass and pottery stuff, craft stuff.... its so cool. they put our best dollar stores to shame.

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