Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christmas Gift Boxes at Target

I was just at Target and they had the cutest Christmas gift boxes in the dollar section.  You could decorate an entire room- just by stacking these cute boxes around---- or hang them on a tree!  You could even glam them up a bit with glitter, scrapbook embellishments, and adorable bows.

My favorites were the Victorian gingerbread house boxes.  Wouldn't it be fun fill it with a family of gingerbread people for the lucky people on your gift list?  You could even use glossy white puff paint to decorate the boxes- just like frosting!  Or use the box as a decoration by putting a fake candle inside so that you could watch it flicker through the tiny windows....  Too cute!

Sorry about the sorry picture-- I've been a bit harried lately.  Today when I tried to call my husband about our lunch date I dialed my zip code by mistake.... ah, well.  I'll be feeling better soon. 

I relaxed last night by reading a good a historical Christian romance (stayed up WAYYYYY past my bedtime)  --now I need a nap!

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Heidi Wendland said...

I haven't seen these yet in Charleston, SC but I am very excited to get a ton of them for Christmas cookies.

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