Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to make a Jute and chain necklace

Well, we survived and enjoyed Christmas with all nine kids, two son-in-laws, one grandbaby and one almost-maybe-he'll-propose-to-our-daughter-soon-friend.  Actually, the two married kids live close so they went home at bedtime- but we had a fun and festive holiday.  I have boxed Christmas stuff lined up in the hallway and a few more things to pack up before all the holiday stuff can be put back into the attic- but instead I'm making necklaces- I know you're shocked-Ha!-

To make the necklace you'll need some fairly thin jute, brass chain, large brass jump rings, a variety of charms and a small crochet hook- 2.55 mm

Determine how long you want your necklace. I highly recommend wearing it on top of your clothes or you'll end up with a very scratched up, itchy, red neck- and none of us wants to be a redneck -not attractive.

Using the jute, crochet a simple chain stitch about six inches long- make sure both ends are tied off well. Using large jump rings attach chain to each end- since this will be long you don't need clasps, etc. You can just pull the necklace on over your head.

Gently tug down on the necklace to determine where the bottom center will be and attach your heaviest charm- then randomly attach more charms using a large jump ring (large goes through the thick jute so much easier then the little dinky ones) or sew on each charm with a few stitches- using a thread that matches the jute.... or use dark brown thread because you spent all day making charms and you are sick of this project and then realize how bad it looks and photoshop the evidence out of your picture..... and do it right later.

Wear and enjoy.

Here are some close ups of charms I made using buttons, scrapbook stuff, sculpey and bits from Hobby Lobby, Michaels and yard sales:

Have fun!!


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