Sunday, January 9, 2011

Making a Piano Book Bag

The kids just switched to a new piano teacher and to jazz things up I decided to have them help make a bag to carry their piano books in.

I didn't use a pattern- just used a piano book to see how wide and tall the bag needed to be.  I added about three inches to the top so that I could make the tuck seams on the bottom.   If you're not sure how to do this check out this blog and scroll down to instruction number six (make a flat bottom).  I chose to use duck cloth which is basically a heavy canvas and something that I had on hand-

After I sewed the bag I let the kids decorate them with Crayola fabric markers (easy to use) and Pentel fabric fun pastel dye sticks (make a very vivid color).  Then I added the handles.

The little people seemed to have fun- now if I could just get them to be enthusiastic about practicing!

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