Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Making Charming Charms for your Jewelry

Yes, I do love alliteration. Here are a few more charms that I made on my Monday jewelry making kick...
(and blogger is driving me nuts- pictures won't move, cursor won't move- icky yuck!

The above charms were made using jewelry blanks, buttons, sculpey (rose), scrapbook paper and dimensional glaze. 
I found the above brass hook at Hobby Lobby- I love it because you can turn anything into a charm by just gluing it onto the back...

Some of the charms I made by printing a picture onto vellum, cutting it out and decoupaging the picture onto a ceramic disc (that I bought at a yard sale).  I wanted to try Mod Podge dimensional glaze but our store didn't have it- so I just used what I had in the craft box.

 After decoupaging the picture onto the ceramic disc I glued the disc onto a button and then glued one of those cool brass hooks onto the back and it ended up looking like a vintage charm.... kinda fun.

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