Monday, January 31, 2011

Subway Art Gift Envelopes and Small Boxes

I wanted to do something special for a friend's birthday and so I purchased and made a few small gifts.  I really wanted to do something creative with the packaging. 

I ended up using different fonts to make subway art- using words that describe her.  I printed out a bunch of sheets of cardstock and then I looked at online templates for envelopes and small boxes.  For the first box I traced a pattern- After that I came up with my own pattern to make what I needed. 

I glued the edges and used paperclips to hold everything in place while the glue dried.

I finished up by printing a few sayings on Avery large shipping labels #48165.  These are basically large pieces of sticker paper.  I punched out the stickers with a 1" scrapbook punch- while I was at it I printed stickers for another project I'm working on....

then I just stuck the stickers here and there on the boxes and envelopes and tied it all up with jute.  I hope she likes it.

There is a link for the free subway art on the sidebar under the freebies heading-

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Rissa said...

that looks so fun. what a way to make gifts more unique and personal.

Hank hendricks said...

This looks fun...what a great way to present gifts...when i make Gift Card envelopes I'll do this.

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