Friday, April 15, 2011

Bissell Carpet Cleaner: A Review

I have cream colored carpet.  I live on about an acre of land.  I live in Texas where the wind blows and the dust piles up.  I have kids (sometimes 2 sometimes 9).  I garden.  I have chickens.  I have an outside dog.  I have spots all over my carpets.  I can get wonderful results when I get down on my hands and knees and scrub using Resolve carpet cleaner. Wednesday I spent a full hour scrubbing just the computer room....  I decided to buy a carpet cleaner.

I purchased the bissell quicksteamer powerbrush.  I followed the directions.  I still have spots.  I was going to return the machine until I emptied the dirty water tank and gagged at how black it was- really disgusting- maybe I'll keep it. 

I'm torn.  All spots will still have to be removed by crawling around on the floor with a scrub brush.  However, a follow up with the bissell removed lots of gucky grime and (using the bissell products) leaves the house smelling nice- they say it will help my carpets last longer as well.  It is a very easy to use machine.  Easy to assemble.  Easy to fill.  Easy to empty the dirty water tank- just don't look at what you dump out- ick!

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Rissa said...

You forgot to mention the super cute grand baby that walks around with squished string cheese and grapes in his hand.

J. Paige said...

Good Point!

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