Friday, April 22, 2011

Things I Love About Spring & Easter Eggs

I'm so glad it's Spring around here!  I love fresh strawberries in a Spinach and almond salad... mmmm. 

I love the traditions of Easter.  I'm grateful for the peace of knowing that because of Jesus Christ and the atonement and resurrection I have the opportunity to be with a loving Heavenly Father and with my loved ones when this life is through.

My friend Penny taught me a new way to decorate eggs.  You buy 100% silk ties at the thrift store.  You cut off a square.  Using thread you wrap the egg, holding the cloth tightly against the raw egg.  You'll use a bunch of thread!  Then you boil your eggs for thirty minutes.

Let your eggs sit outside for two stinky weeks.  Carefully unwrap your eggs and you have an egg that will last for years (if you don't drop them!). 

It's really fun to unwrap them and see how the tie patterns transferred to the eggs- you get little white spots if you didn't have enough thread holding the fabric against the egg.

This week my husband surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers- he's the BEST!

Happy, joyful Spring!

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