Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wearing Drapes- Skirt Made from Curtain Panel

I give up on trying to get good pictures.

I found a great curtain panel in one of my favorite colors on clearance for only $5.99.  It was  washable, 100 % cotton with an embroidered edge.  Mmmm, my brain started spinning.  I decided to make a skirt.  I suppose it is kind of weird to wear curtains (didn't that happen in Gone With the Wind)? 

I didn't use a pattern but you can.  Just line up the bottom of your skirt pattern pieces with the bottom of the hemmed curtain.

When I attached the waistband to the gathered bottom piece I discovered that I had measured my waist too generously- or I lost four inches in two days- I wish!  So, I ended up having to take in the waistband after the skirt was finished- but that isn't very tricky.

Since I had used the finished curtain edge as the skirt bottom there was no hemming involved--- gotta love that!

All done- not too bad for $5.99 and the cost of zipper and thread!

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