Thursday, June 16, 2011

Creating a Dress Up Kit for Kids

My kids are beginning to outgrow the dress up phase of their childhood.  Too bad because there are some great priced dress up products to be found at The Ribbon Retreat.  Tutus for six dollars.  Headbands for ninety cents... a few of these added to the dress up box could inspire some fun pretending.

I find the dress up section at Magic Cabin inspirational.  I've mentioned it before- my kids favorite dress up accessories are their "play silks".  We made our own.  We just browsed through Hancock's fabric and purchased a yard- or less- of various magical looking fabrics -Every now and then I see something in the remnants bin that will work so I bring it home for the kiddos.  Just this week my little guy was running around the house with a cape tied over a sash- both concoctions he had made using his "play silks".  I love the magic that children bring into our home!

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