Monday, June 13, 2011

Zipper Pouch

I purchased a purse that I really like at JC Penney on clearance- which was a good thing because the handles on my old one were almost completely worn through.  I love everything about it- well, almost everything- the interior pockets are tiny and sparse. 

Quick fix- after looking at a few of the gazillion zipper pouch tutorials online- I whipped up this little bag to help keep things organized.  And "whipped" is the word- it took less then 20 minutes- from first snip of the fabric to finish.  I'm all tickled because my purse is more organized now.  (Fabric is printed duck cloth from Hancocks)

I'm finding that I enjoy simple mini-organizational improvements.  Like placing the sheets and pillowcases that are toppling from the top of the linen closet into labeled plastic tubs (with no tops on) so the stacks stay stacked and I can find things without excessive digging- took 120 seconds and makes life easier and neater.

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