Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hair Styling Blogs for Hair Challenged Mommies

I admit it- I'm not any good at styling hair- not even close.  My youngest daughter has the whimpiest head on the planet- so, rather then endure tears we generally go with the "brush it yourself" parenting technique.  Now that she is approaching 12 I've felt motivated to try a little harder.  I've done some research and here are my favorite four blogs with hairstyling ideas- some even have videos.

Some of these styles are way beyond my skills- but most of these blogs have "quick and easy" labels- and some of these blogs are no longer active- but the files and many of the styles are timeless.  Enjoy.

Adopt-a-do- cute girl hairstyles

Cutie Pie Hair Creations

Pretty Hair Is Fun To Do

The Story of a Princess and her Hair

My daughter did relent and allow me to style her hair on Sunday and it actually turned out really cute- this picture from Pretty Hair is Fun To Do shows the style we chose .   I was so proud of myself.  So, even though I've been letting my kids watch Get Smart reruns all week I'm giving myself a good mommy high five!

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Michelle H said...

I am SOOO glad I have boys...I have no knack for doing girl's hair...fun sites!

Rissa said...

I recall pictures of myself as a little girl with cute hair. It just got lost in the 10 years between her and I.

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