Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not Near an Ocean: Blog Surf

When it is too hot to be outside it can be fun to do a little blog surfing. 

Miss Mustard Seed has a list of DIY decorating bloggers

I found a list of creative and inspiring blogs to check out at the link below:

Babbles Top 50 Lists

Two of my favorites are listed below:
Fabric Bows and More- tutorials of fun things to make and then wear in your hair- or to let your daughters wear :o)  Umm, now I want to make about a million more hair accessories!  You could also make these artsy flowers and wear them as clothing accessories, or shoe clips, add them to pillows,or purses, etc.

Sew.Craft.Create  This mom of three has a husband that just graduated from Harvard and a blog with crafty ideas

Summer vacation started here on Monday and the kids have had some fun.  The legos are always an entertaining option- Junior sleeps on his trundle bed and with the mattress removed from the top bed he has a GIANT lego table at his disposal.

 He and his older sister both enjoy creating things- especially when they can leave everything out and ready to add on to.  They are currently building a lego city.

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