Friday, January 8, 2010

Bright Crocheted Scarf

On a cold gray day this scarf adds a cheerful pop of color! I used "I love this cotton" variegated color #8 Carousel Ombre yarn.

You don't need a pattern. Just make a chain stitch the length of the scarf  you want, turn and double crocheted back across, at the last stitch chain one, turn your work and single crocheted back across. When  you reach that end chain two, turn your work and then double crocheted back across.  Repeat this until the width you want and then added some fringe to the ends. Super Simple-

For fun I've stayed up until one the past two night reading Cathy Hake's books- my favorite was Letter Perfect.  The plots are a bit unusual, but they are still fun Christian Romances.  A cold front has come to town so I'll spend most of the weekend indoors- I'll need to find another good book to read :o)

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asnipofgoodness said...

That is really pretty, I used to crochet as a girl, well, I use to tie random knots together with a crochet needle, and call it something, but I have forgotten how. I'm not sure I ever really knew. lol That might just be the hobby I need to get me through this cold winter. I thought Georgia was in the south!
Thanks for stopping by!

Rissa said...

I like it alot. It is so cheerful!

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