Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Non- Christmasy Topiary Tree

Out with the old dusty ivy and in with a new topiary (that won't be staying next to this lamp).  So easy to make!! Just go to Hancocks and buy the styrofoam tree shapes- 60% off because they are "Christmas" items. You'll also need lots of glue sticks, a stick from your yard, a container, and styrofoam for the base.  Dollar Tree carries styrofoam and some moss, too.

Moss mini lesson:  The "Reindeer" moss looks alive, feels like parsley and is a little trickier to glue on then the other stuff.  The "Natural Moss" from Hobby Lobby has bits of bark in it- love that added texture- and is a little easier to work with!

Take the stick from your yard, cut it down to about five inches long and carefully add it to your tree for the trunk. Start gluing on your moss, work from bottom to top- oh, and use a low temp glue gun because it really hurts when you are burning your burn blisters-trust me! 

Find a cute container- now, just because it is Jan. and freezing outside, and you need a spray painting fix-(not THAT kind of fix- a need to paint something ugly fix)-  Don't  spray paint your tree holder  in the house because it will give you an awful headache- even with all the windows open.... not that I've ever done anything so foolish!  Ahem.... Yes, well then, "plant" your tree in (styrofoam and more moss) and you have a non-Christmasy topiary to display all year long!

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David and Amber said...

You know we go threw alot of stink for beauty. This reminded me of how intoxicating a salon can be. Pain is beauty!(0: Sometimes...They sure look good.

Rissa said...

Those look good. Way to find good deals.

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