Monday, January 4, 2010

More Ribbon Roses

While my daughter was home from college she wanted to make a few ribbon roses. We pulled out the craft supplies and.... here they are! There are several ways to do this. We simply cut out a circle of felt (we traced vitamin lids for a variety of sizes). Scrunch, twist, gather and pleat your ribbon as you hand sew it onto the felt. Begin by turning a bit of the raw edge to the back. End by using some fray check on the ribbon edge and then turn the raw part underneath.

Add some beads, buttons or vintage jewelry to the flower centers.  Sew a pin, hair clip or both to the back of your flower and you're ready to wear them. 

I especially like how these look worn in the hair... the wired ribbon was surprisingly easy to work with.

For ideas on how to make the black, silky, organza flowers check out Reese Dixon's directions here.  Have fun!

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Brian Carpenter said...

I love those!! I definitely want to try making some of those. I wish I lived close to you so we could craft together (among other things)!
Love you,

J. Paige said...

I wish you were here too! We would have SO MUCH FUN!!! These are truly easy and they would look so cute in your girl's hair!

Rissa said...

Those look great! I even have one in my hair right now. Thanks for teaching me how to make them.

Rachael Black said...

What a great idea! I'm going to make some of these for my dress suits! Love it! Also, thanks for stopping by my blog! You're welcome anytime!

Rachael @

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