Monday, January 18, 2010

Serging Project #2: Skirt

My first serging project with my new machine was a scarf. No pictures. It looked like a first serging project.

Project number two was this skirt made with a stretchy knit.  After serging it together I made my first ever blind hem and zig zag stitched the ribbon rose on... still far from perfect- but I am enjoying how the serger works on the stretchy material. 

Sewing stretchy fabric on a traditional machine was always a bit tricky for me.  I'd end up with puckers and edges that had an unintentional lettuce finish.  The first skirt I ever made with stretchy fabric was in junior high and I had to put fishing weights in the hem near the seams to "pull" them down where they were supposed to be- no joke!  Anyways, this machine makes it all so much easier.   I think I want to get some FOE (fold over elastic) and try some more fast, and easy skirts.


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Letia said...

How fun. You are so talented!

Melissa said...

Very cute! Isn't the serger fun? Unfortunately, unlike a regular machine, it isn't very forgiving, but once you figure it out, it is great.

Prior said...

Love the skirt! Thanks for visiting my blog. Lezlee

Tiffany said...

It's very cute! Jealous of the serger! Thanks for sharing!

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