Monday, April 5, 2010

Children's Artwork Into Jewelry II

I originally posted an idea about making children's artwork into jewelry or key chains 4/23/09.  For those of you who don't want to mess with modge podge and dimensional glaze you can purchase these little glass charms, called Memory Frames, made by Ranger, inc..  Simply open them up and pop in your memory glass and your scanned, cropped and miniaturized artwork- add a pretty chain and you're done!  Oh, and I added a tiny bit of scrapbook paper to the back of the artwork so that the backside of the charm was cute, too.  One reader suggested using any jewelry type frame and sealing the artwork in with the dimensional glaze- good idea!

If you are making key chains you can purchase any premade- to-hold- photo- key chains

Again, prepare your artwork to the size you need and slip it into the key chain.  If your child is old enough you can give them a canvas already cut to size and even if their work is slightly three dimensional it will still fit inside most frames- so cool having the actually texture visible!  (However, I noticed that giving a small piece of paper to my five year old to draw on really cramped his style- keep an eye out for that).

This next idea I've seen somewhere before- but I couldn't find the link- sorry about that!  You can purchase acrylic frames with a magnet on the back.  These come in a great variety of sizes.  It is very easy to change the artwork in these frames too.  Once again, you can scan and crop your child's artwork and slip it inside the frame.  These are great for displaying on file cabinets and refrigerators.  Grandparent's love them, too.

Your kids feel like a million bucks when they see you using and displaying their work!

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Creations By Cindy said...

Adorable. Be blessed. Cindy

Prior said...

darling kiddos... Terrell has a few fun stores. If you make it to Jrne's let them know you heard about it on a blog, because I want the shop owners to know I just want to share their great stores and it is great advertising, but some I guess are afraid of having ideas stolen... and also go to Mindy's Primitques in Poetry. She is great!

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