Friday, April 16, 2010

Helping My Daughter Craft

4/17/2010 Yikes!  I just reread this post and I think I use the word "cute" 1700 times- guess it's time to break out the thesaurus!!  Sorry!

My married daughter (who is living with us while they wait for their apartment to become available) has been feeling crafty.  I watch and make some suggestions- occasionally offering a bit of help- but she has been on a roll this month.  She made this adorable ruffly apron for her mother-in-law.  We didn't use a pattern.    Sorry the picture is fuzzy- but didn't she choose CUTE material (from Hobby Lobby).

She made this cute and popular-with-the-little-guy mini snuggly.  She picked out fun fabrics with different textures and added lot's of bits of ribbons for him to grab and play with.

This week she made a necklace that perfectly matches my earrings - mmm, maybe I'll wear it this week.

If you are feeling crafty you might want to swing by Dollar Tree.  They have bunches of cute
ribbons right now and jute twine is found near the automotive section.

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