Monday, April 12, 2010

Extra Quick Spring Skirt

My mom is cleaning and decluttering which is great for me!  She sent  a box of  fabric for me to use up.  In the box I found this adorable pink floral print.  I glanced at the tutorial over at Ruffles & Stuff before making this little skirt for my daughter (yes, it took me more then 20 min.).  I used to make skirts similar to this one in high school.  Gotta love quick and easy.

I've taped off most of my son's bedroom and am getting ready to paint.  The rest of our abode seems to be falling down around me (totally trying not to trip over laundry, toys, blankets, etc.) as I work on his room and continue to put some time in organizing the playroom... is that how it is for you?  Things look a lot worse before they look better?!  They better look better!

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Mindy said...

Yes! It does get worse before it gets better! Best of luck surviving paint mode!

Rissa said...

LOVE the skirt you made E. Yes things look worse before they look better. Like now while I pack. (-:

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