Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On the Back Forty

We don't really have forty acres- closer to 1  but here is the latest:

The chickens are almost full grown.  When we purchased the chickens the seller said to plan on a few dying- umm, we must be really good at raising poultry because all 25 (they sent ten extra as a "bonus") survived!!!  Gratefully we were able to give away 10.  And don't even mention eating a few because chickens are "friends (pets) not food".  Eggs you can eat.

The asparagus is growing like crazy- we are now in the "give a bunch to the neighbors" mode- not because fresh sweet asparagus isn't a family favorite, it's just that, well, you can only eat so much.  Besides, it's a great way to earn brownie points.

I'm getting ready to plant some honeysuckle and white jasmine (maybe my favorite smelling plant ever- mmm, I also really love the smell of lilacs.... and of course roses ...and gardenias, and .... hasn't our Heavenly Father given us an amazingly beautiful world?)!!!

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Rissa said...

You're giving away asparagus!! If only it would stay fresh if you sent me some.

Charleigh said...

Yeah, I think you should send a bulk package of asparagus to Ris and I. I am sure we could eat a ton before getting sick of it. I love you guys!!!

Tressa said...

You are inspirational! Right now we are just trying to get our new sprinkler system installed, some gravel put down in a few key spots, top soil installed and spread, then hydroseed put in to grow a nice lawn. And then we will focus on getting our square foot garden boxes built and hopefully started, but at the rate we are going it probably won't happen this year. Then we want to get a compost pile started. Oh, and I would like to get some chickens (I agree, chickens are friends!) eventually. *sigh* I need more hours in the day and more energy to get through them!

J. Paige said...

Oh, Tressa you are an amazing person! When you only have two children left at home (you'll REALLY miss having little ones!!)you'll have a few more hours in the day while they are at school. Personally I'd take a few more little ones and a little less garden time :o)

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