Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Children's Artwork Into Jewelry III

charm without dimenional glaze/ easier to photograph!

As long as we are talking about changing children's artwork into jewelry I thought I'd share one more idea. 

Purchase a charm in the scrapbook section that has an inspirational word on it.  I chose "family".  Look for a charm that has a simple shape and a hole for hanging.  On the back there will be some tacky stuff.  If it is flat against the charm just leave it.  If it sticks out at all you will need to scrape it off- carefully, don't cut yourself.  You can use a solvent like "goo-b-gone" if you'd like, just make sure to clean it all off!

Now scan your child's artwork and select one small element you love- maybe his smiley face or a heart.  Place your charm over the art, being careful to center it and lightly trace around the art with a pencil.  Remove the charm.  If your traced frame actually captures the work you want then cut out the picture.  If it's not quite right you can do it again :o) 

When you have your charm and paper charm carefully modge podge them together.  Brush very gently or your ink will smear.... let this get dry and then do one more coat of modge podge let this dry (2 or 3) hours.  Then come back, turn your piece to the word side and use a pin to carefully poke a whole where the jump ring goes.  Use a cardboard or foam nail file to file off any places that paper sticks out around the charm.  Then on the art side smoothly apply your diamond glaze.  Carefully spreading the glaze to the edge and removing any bubbles.  Let dry, following your glaze directions. 

Then using a tiny, tiny drill bit (found in the wood section of your craft store) -slowly twist it into the hole of the charm and through the glazed picture on the back- you don't need a drill just use your hands.  Add a jump ring and a chain and you're done!  Now when your charm doesn't have "back" so you won't have to constantly flip it over.

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Mod Podge Amy said...

This is so stinkin' cute!

J. Paige said...

Oh, I'm so glad you liked it- it's really easy to do.

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