Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Faking the Double Layer Look

Allrighty, it was 105 last Wednesday and that means I'm NOT layering my shirts- no matter how thin they are! A friend suggested making a "fake" layer and that appealed to me.

Simply find a square of fabric and zig zag around the edges. Using a piece of fabric fusing tape (for hems) fold the top down about an inch towards the back. Iron in place.

If you are going to add the crochet edge be sure to push the fusible tape right into the fold this will help to stop fraying later.

Stop here if you don't want the crocheted edge and skip to the "attaching the fake piece" part of this post.

If you'd like a crocheted edge continue:

Use a pencil and lightly mark every 1/4 inch. Use your tiny scrap booking hole punch to make holes on each mark. I used a #10 yarn.

Crochet an edge by stitching one single crochet, one chain stitch, one single crochet, one chain stitch all across the folded edge. Make sure to catch the punched hole with each single crochet stitch. To make a scalloped edge add one extra chain and turn- then work your way back across the edge following this pattern.

two single stitches
one half double stitch
three triple stitches
one half double stitch
then begin again

Attach your "fake" layer:

Put on garment you want to wear with the fake piece. Mark where you want the fake piece placed. Remove garment (OK- that was a duh) and sew either snaps or hook and hoop fasteners in place.

You can use the fake piece with more than one shirt if you want. You can interchange different fake pieces if you make them the same size and sew the attaching notions in the same place on each fake piece and shirt....

Better than sweating to death, and cheaper too.

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Rissa said...

That looks great mom. Way to set an example in modesty and not sweat to death.

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