Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gift for a Friend

Am I the only one that can't create for someone else? It seems like every project that I make that is for someone else is subject to Murphy's Law in full force- everything goes wrong! I started three days early to put this basket together for a friend's birthday. The gift box I was going to use was too small for the soaps that I found. So, I had to find a new container.

Then when cutting out the fabric for the liner in this basket I messed up twice before getting it right (I mean, come on, it's only 3 rectangles and two squares!). I did a little silk ribbon embroidery for a sachet bag but after remaking the third rose three times I junked the piece and left that portion of the gift out.... what is up with this?

Then because of using the basket instead of the smaller box I needed another item to fill the basket. Now I was on a time limit and dashed to Tuesday Morning to see a sign up on the front door that it was closed for the week.... what?!... so, I put the kids back in the car and we dashed to the mall and the brand new Ulta store- we ran inside to find that it hadn't opened it's doors yet- just the sign was up.... so, bath and body works to the rescue!

I am totally amazed by people that make things and sell them! I'd be a mental mess and my nervous twitching would make it even harder to craft... oh, well. Maybe someday.

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Rissa said...

I love you mom. It's because you try to hard when you are making gifts for others because you want it to be perfect. Next time pretend your making it for you and it will all work out. I'm sure she liked it allot.

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