Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hanging Pictures Straight Tip

I have a few pictures that I just can't get to hang straight. It seems like every time I look at them I have to go over and fiddle with them- trying to get it right. It's these little annoyances that drive me bonkers. I certainly don't need any help in that area and I have the doctor bills to prove it. Well, enough is enough.
I had some removable putty (from an office supply store) that I use in teaching my church children's group... and the head swirled a bit and out popped this idea:

Move in on the annoying-forever-tilting frame and take a bit of putty, stick it under one corner of said frame. Adjust your picture as you like it and give it a firm push- it won't move again- no more fiddling- unless your in a country band ;oD

You can't see it unless you smash your face- or your camera- against the wall!

Way back when I said I'd show a few of the pictures that I put together using out of date calendar pictures and frames from Hobby Lobby. Here is one that is part of a collage in my front room. I really love how this one turned out probably because I LOVE the picture; a mother seeking blessings for her crippled son. Aren't the prayers you offer up for your children some of the sweetest, most sincere prayers that you ever utter? They are for me. I'm grateful there is a loving God to hear them!

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arkie said...

I will try this. Up to now I have hammered straight pins along the side of the frame to keep it from moving. Thanks for the tip. Love your pics!

Rissa said...

Brilliant. I shall have to remember this trick.

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