Monday, July 13, 2009

New Blouse

Every time I've been in Hancock's this summer I've stopped to look at this fabric. It is just so cheerful. I decided to try making a blouse... and it actually turned out OK. I really hesitate to sew clothes because I'm a better shopper than a seamstress. I can buy it cheaper and it will actually fit and look good. But since I really liked this fabric I decided to ignore all the warning whistles in my head! I used Simplicity Pattern 6807 and altered it- not making the gathers in the back, just a dart on each shoulder blade. This isn't a true cotton and it has some stretch to it- which is really good because this pattern is supposed to be for knits only... hah! I think I'm experiencing some sort of late (really late) teenage rebellious streak- I just love breaking sewing "rules".

What have you made lately?

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Karli said...

I haven't made anything lately but I bought some fabric to perhaps make a shower curtain... although I haven't checked yet to see if it matches the existing walls. Gotta love the return policy at Joanns :)

J. Paige said...

Karli, I wish we had a Joanns- did you make the shower curtain- did it turn out cute?! I bet it did!

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